Organization Tips for Taming Out-of-Control Craft Rooms

When you’re passionate about your craft, it’s easy to let your collection of supplies, tools and works in progress become… extensive. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our best craft organization tips to help you make the most of your time! You’ll find handy tips and tricks for organizing everything from knitting notions to digital photos, gardening tools and more.

how to organize photos
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Expertly Organize Your Digital Photos

Discover the best tips for cataloging your digital photos, so it’s easy to find just the one you’re looking for.

organizing sewing patterns
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Stay Sew Organized With These Patterns

Find the perfect patterns to create organizers for frequently used notions, project ideas, craft store coupons, magazines and more.

fabric storage
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Six Affordable Fabric Storage Solutions

Know exactly what fabrics you have on hand and what you need for future projects with these ingenious, inexpensive storage methods.

embroidery catalog software
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Five Reasons to Use Embroidery Cataloging Software

If you’ve ever sat down at your machine and struggled to find the design you had in mind, embroidery cataloging software can help!

organize yarn
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The Best Ways to Tame Your Knitting Stash

Has your yarn stash taken over your guest room? Get tips for paring down your collection to the fiber you’re truly fond of.

organization crochet patterns
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Seven Crochet Patterns for Home Organization

From your craft space to your office and beyond, these patterns will help you keep your home neat while showing off your crochet skills.

organize garden tools
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Tips for an Orderly & Inspiring Gardening Workspace

Discover some amazing workspaces from across the globe and pick up tips you can apply to your own gardening practice.

jewelry making organization
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The Four Best Rules for Storing Jewelry-Making Supplies

With beautiful jewelry designs comes tons of supplies and tools. Keep everything you need right in its place with these great ideas.

organize art supplies
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A Pro Illustrator’s Secrets for Organizing Art Supplies

Art projects can get messy, but with these tips from illustrator Margie Moore, your studio or workspace doesn’t have to be.

What are your best tips for keeping your craft supplies or workspace organized?

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