Combine Scrapbooking with Machine Embroidery

Have you ever heard of SVG files? SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a file format commonly used in the scrapbooking word.

Some machine embroidery collections contain SVG files. You can use these SVG files and your die-cutting machine to create some fun paper crafts, from scrapbooking supplies to DIY party invitations. I just love when you can use something in several different ways, especially when you can use mixed media.

Here’s how to use SVG files from machine embroidery collections for paper crafts:

Collage of Scrapbooking Processes

Materials Needed:

Creating the blank card:

Step 1:

Open Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software.

Click on the “Draw a Round Rectangle” icon.  Small Computer Icon

Draw a rectangle using your mouse. The size doesn’t matter at this point. Make the rectangle big enough so you can see it. After the card is created and grouped, you can resize it to fit inside of your print area.

Graph with Markings

Step 2:

With the rectangle selected, open the fill color window. Small Computer Icon - Fill

Add a color to the rectangle.

Computer-Generated Graph with Markings, Color Palette

Step 3:

Create a text bubble by either drawing the shape using the freehand tool. Small Computer Icon - Draw

Or, purchase one in the Silhouette store.

Step 4:

Add text using the text tool. Small Computer Icon - Add Text

Then add a color or outline to the text.

Step 5:

Arrange the items on the card as desired. Then, select all and right-click. Select “Group” to group all the items together so you don’t accidentally move them as you add more elements.

Computer-Generated Graph with Objects

Step 6:

Open the SVG folder from the All About Boys Mini DZGN Minis CD and open Monster1; Monster2 and Monster5.

More Objects Being Added to Graph

Step 7:

Next, you will want to add more text “to a monster bash birthday party.”

Select the fonts style you would like. Small Computer Icon - Style

And add a fill color. Small Computer Icon - Fill

Step 8:

To outline the black letters as shown with a white outline, open the Line Color Window to select a color. Small Computer Icon - Color

Then, select the Line Style Window to add the desired thickness. Small Computer Icon - Thickness
Graph with Text for Birthday Invite, Controls on Side

Step 9:

Next bring in a the “Starburst” SVG file from the All About Boys Mini DZGN CD, and change the color to red. Small Computer Icon - Fill

Step 10:

Open the “Zap” SVG file from the All About Boys Mini DZGN CD, and center it inside of the starburst. Once it’s centered, select both elements and right-click/group to keep them from shifting.

Step 11:

Select each image and arrange it on the card as desired. If an element accidentally is placed behind an element so that you cannot see it, right-click on the element and change the orientation to “Bring to Front.”

Step 12:

Once you have everything arranged as desired, select all, right-click and group all the elements to avoid shifting.

Step 13:

Purchase a rectangle frame from the Silhouette store and size the frame so it is bigger than the card.

Fill in a color and select all, and then select the “Align” window and then select “Center.” Small Computer Icon - Arrange

Select all, right-click/group.

Birthday Invitation Overlaying Graph on Computer

Step 14:

Check the cut window to make sure only the outer edge of the black frame will cut. If other items show a red cut line (such as text), un-group the elements so you can select the element that needs to be changed and select “No Cut.”

Computer Menu Option "Cut Style"

Step 15:

Select “Open Page Tool” and select 8.5” x 11”. Notice the design is too big, rotate the file and resize it to the desired measurements.

Invitation Being Further Formatted

Step 16:

Center the design and then open the “Registration Marks Tool” window to make sure the card is not inside of the registration marks on the page screen.

Step 17:

Save the file to your library.

Step 18:

Place cardstock in your printer and use the “Send to Printer & Send to Silhouette” icons to print and cut your card. Small Computer Icon - Print
Final Invitation Overlaying Graph


Final Invitation Printed Onto a Card

Looking for more mixed media ideas? See our post on how to embroider a word cloud. Or, want to use something unexpected with machine embroidery? How about making a wooden embroidered monogram?

Come back to the Bluprint Blog on Wednesday to learn how to machine embroider appliqués with the e-stitch.

Will you try this fun technique?

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