Tip Tuesday: 3 Smart Tips From Our Canyon Creek Quilt-Along

One of the best things about our Canyon Creek Quilt-Along — besides Monique Dillard’s striking design — is the bonus video tips from our very own quilting expert, Callie Works-Leary. And even if you’re not quilting along with us, there’s a lot you can learn from Callie. Today we’re sharing just a few of her smart tips that you can apply to any project.

Tip #1: Lining up intersecting seams

Intersecting seams can be tricky when you’re trying to line them up, especially for long borders or big blocks. But there are a couple things you can do to help. Callie recommends using two-prong “fork” pins. Or, insert a standard pin directly through the points you want to match up (like it’s a spear), wiggle the fabric a bit, then pin as normal.

Tip #2: Setting your seams

Flat Seams on Back of Quilt Block

If you like pressing, you’ll love this next tip! Press your seams closed before you press them open. This sets the stitches in place and helps the seam lay nice and flat. Some quilters swear by this process, and some think it’s hogwash — it all comes down to personal preference, but you may find some comfort in that little extra step as you’re quilting along.

Tip #3: Resizing quilts

Want to make your finished quilt larger? Just add a second border! Here are some calculations you can use to bump the twin-size Canyon Creek quilt — or another project — up to a queen (which typically measures 84″ x 100″). You’ll just need about 2¼ yards of extra fabric.

  • First cut three strips that measure 9½” by the width of fabric (WOF). Trim selvages. Piece these three strips together at the short ends. Trim to 92″ and reserve the cut-away portion for the other side of the border.
  • Next, cut two more strips that measure 9½” by WOF. Trim selvages. Sew together at the short ends, adding the leftover strip from the first border. Trim to 92″.
  • Sew the side borders onto the quilt top, then press your seams towards the border.
  • Then, cut three strips that measure 6″ by WOF. Trim selvages. Piece together at the short ends. Trim to 87″, reserving the leftover strip.
  • Next, cut two more strips that are 6″ by WOF. Trim selvages, piece together at the short ends, add on the reserved strip, then trim to 87″.
  • Finally, sew the border strips to the top and bottom of the quilt top, pressing your seams towards the border.

You can get creative by incorporating any leftover scraps that you may have after piecing the quilt top.

Callie Making Quilt ALong Kit

Want more tips like this? Grab our Canyon Creek Quilt-Along kit and sew along with us!

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