Essential Knitting Tools: How to Build the Ultimate Kit for Knitters

If you’re like me, your friends are begging you to teach them how to knit. They see those beautiful projects flying off your needles, and they want in on the creativity.

When those beginner knitting friends start knitting, it’s great to let them borrow some of your supplies. But an even better idea? Build them a knitting kit! As the seasoned knitter, this is your chance to show beginners some of the best supplies out there.

Even if you give them just one or two things from this list, consider gifting your new knitting friends with these must-haves. (They’re especially great gifts when the beginner knitter’s birthday rolls around!)

Clover Takumi Bamboo 13in Single Point Knitting Needles

Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles

It’s common for beginners to buy the most inexpensive knitting needles out there, which is a great idea to test the waters. If your beginner friend is becoming a lifetime knitter, gift these bamboo knitting needles so they can work with a material that’s a little different than what they’re accustomed to.

Buy the Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles here.

Clover Mini Knitting Counter

Clover Mini Knitting Counter

When you’re a beginner, even counting the number of stitches in each row is important. There are all kinds of counters out there, but I like this one because it can be worn around your neck as a pendant. It’s also super portable, making it convenient for knitters who are going to stitch groups and knitting while commuting.

Buy the Clover Mini Knitting Counter here.

Soak Phil Basin Kit

Soak Phil Basin Kit

Washing your knits for the first time can be scary, especially when you start knitting with nicer, more expensive yarns. This kit takes all the guesswork out of it, giving you a mild soap and even a special basin just for knits. Beginners will just need to check out the yarn label to see the care instructions.

Buy the Soak Phil Basin Kit here.

Lion Brand Stitch Holders


Stitch Holders

Stitch holders are often a supply we need when we’re bridging that gap between beginner and intermediate. Gift these to a beginner and you just might encourage them to take that next step and try out a project involving stitch holders that is a little more complicated.

Buy the Lion Brand Stitch Holders here.

Clover Locking Stitch Markers


Locking Stitch Markers

Most beginners have no idea how helpful a stitch marker can be. Show them that stitch markers aren’t just for intermediate projects by gifting locking stitch markers that can be used to mark the beginnings of rounds, trouble spots, increases, decreases, and more. Locking ones ensure that the marker can be removed no matter what — even if the beginner forgets about them until the end of the project.

Buy the Clover Locking Stitch Markers here.

Lion Brand Knitting Needle Gauge


Knitting Needle Gauge

As a beginner, you’re often given hand-me-down knitting needles that don’t always have a clear size on them. Maybe it’s scratched off from decades of use, or maybe it never had a size on it to begin with. Beginners can use this needle gauge to find out what size those second-hand needles are. The gauge includes a small ruler, too, so it’s nice for toting around when you’re going to a stitch group or knitting on the go.

Buy the Lion Brand Knitting Needle Gauge here.

Clover Knitting Needle Point Protectors


Point Protectors

A beginner’s worst nightmare is having precious stitches fall right off the needles. Have beginners pop these point protectors onto their needles when they’re finished knitting for the day and they can be sure the stitches will stay where they should until they pick up the needles again.

Buy the Clover Point Protectors here.

Which supplies do you recommend to beginners?

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