Broomstick Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Last week, I showed you how to crochet your own broomstick lace. You’re probably in love with the look, but if you’re like me, you don’t know exactly what to make with it. Get ready to accessorize with these broomstick crochet bracelet patterns!


If you’ve crocheted a lot of broomstick lace, you’ll know that the lace can look completely different depending on your supplies.

Here are a few things to play around with when choosing your bracelet pattern:

Dowel size

Your dowel’s circumference will determine how large your loops are. The bigger the dowel, the bigger the lace row. Test everything from knitting needles to actual broomsticks to see what each will do for your lace.

Loop groups

You can have as many or as few loops in each group as you’d like. Five loops per group is the norm, but play around with smaller and larger groups to see what they look like.


Do you want your bracelet to have a more delicate look? A nautical look? Choose your yarn based on the look. A lightweight yarn like mohair will give you a fuzzy, delicate broomstick lace bracelet, while a worsted weight yarn will give you a more casual look.


A button can change the entire look of your bracelet. Go sparkly or feature unique buttons from your button stash. Choose neutral buttons if you don’t want to distract from the beautiful broomstick lace.

Still need inspiration? Take a look at the broomstick crochet bracelet patterns from these bloggers.

Cult of Crochet made this easy bracelet using 5-loop groups and a Q-size crochet hook as her dowel. The loops serve as the buttonholes, so you don’t have to bother with any tricky pattern instructions. And good news for you lefties: there’s a step-by-step broomstick lace how-to especially for left-handed crocheters!

Give your bracelet a beachy look. The Evolution of Home used a fine, lightweight yarn (and an actual broomstick!) to achieve this laid back, bohemian-style broomstick crochet bracelet pattern.

Kirsty of Kootoyoo created what she dubbed the Contortionist Cuff. She used double crochet as her base and finishing row, instead of the single crochet seen in most tutorials.

Want your bracelet to stand out in a crowd? Add some personality like blogger Tabitha Handmade did with pretty little heart buttons.

No need to get crazy fancy with your broomstick crochet bracelet pattern. Just crochet one row of broomstick lace and leave it at that, like Swedish blog King and Majkis! (If you want to read the blog post, just use the translator on your web browser.) You’ll be finished in no time. And what did she use as her dowel? A candle!

Go bright and chunky with your broomstick lace, like blogger Melinda of MoogjiGoo. I love the aqua against the red buttons, too.

[box type=”shadow”]Bracelets are just the beginning of broomstick lace possibilities. Take Jennifer Hansen’s Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace to turn your lace into an eyeglass case and even a cardigan![/box]

Have you ever made a broomstick lace bracelet? What type of pattern do you like best?

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