10 Mind-Blowing Photos from Blue Hour That’ll Inspire You to Start Shooting Tonight

The blue hour is an incredible time for photography. Once the sun has set, the sky retains its deep blue tones, resulting in an amazing backdrop for bright lights, traffic trails, neon colors and more. These 10 mind-blowing blue hour photographs will provide plenty of inspiration to get out there and get shooting! (Click on the links below a given image to visit that photographer’s Flickr page for even more ideas.)

Toronto cityscape during blue hour

Toronto from Snake Island Park photo by Flickr user Jamie McCaffrey

Istanbul Skyline During Blue Hour

Istanbul at Night photo by Flickr user Juraj Patekar

Maastricht During Blue Hour

Maastricht: Vrijthof photo by Flickr user Jorge Franganillo

Blue Hour Photography

Xarco OnFire photo by Flickr user Jesús Alenda

Vancouver Blue Hour Photography

Out and About photo by Flickr user Kenny Louie

Floating Pyramids at Blue Hour

Strange Floating Pyramids photo by Flickr user Ludovic Bertron

Chicago Traffic During Blue Hour

Morgan & Harrison photo by Flickr user Lawrie Skinner

Roman Colosseum during the blue hour

Rome photo by Flickr user Moyan Brenn

Theater Blue Hour Photography

Blue Fox photo by Flickr user Philip Leara

Fireworks during blue hour

Celebration of Light photo by Flickr user GoToVan

Ready to get out shooting during the blue hour? Check out Bluprint’s Twilight Photography Tips to get the most out of the blue hour. Share your blue hour successes below!

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