Free Pattern Friday: Get Back on Track

After the holidays, our makerspaces look a little unruly. It’s time to regroup, reorganize and make your space a little less chaotic. What better way to get back on track than with a new (free!) project?

Storage Caddy

1Storage Caddy

Organize your sewing tools and notions with this portable storage caddy. It’s also a great way to store individual projects so you can grab and go.

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Mini Iron Travel Case

2Mini Iron Travel Case

Although designed for a flat iron or curling iron, this case would be perfect for housing your mini iron — insulated storage with no tangled cord.

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3 Knit (and Crochet) Case Organizers

If you can measure and sew a straight line, you will love this pattern. It shows four different needle storage cases made from purchased placemats!

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Crochet Hook Pouch

4Crochet Hook Pouch

It’s a simple rectangle pouch with a flap and button cover, but it keeps your hooks contained and all in one place! Get the FREE Pattern

Blooming Hearts Stitchery

5Blooming Hearts Stitchery

This embroidered fabric envelope could be adapted to whatever size you need. It would be ideal for holding small projects and pattern pieces.

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Easy Stitchmarkers

6Easy Stitch Markers

Easily pick up where you left off with these handy stitch markers. Use them to mark knit and crochet projects or pin to quilt blocks for marking rows.

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Planner Pages

7Planner Pages

Add Flying Geese border pages to your existing planner for extra organization. Keep track of business expenses, shopping lists, and project ideas!

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One Response to “Free Pattern Friday: Get Back on Track”
  1. Shirley Croel
    Shirley Croel

    Would love some fast, simple to moderately hard baby and adult afghan patterns. Thank you.