Alder Shawl

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8 Responses to “Alder Shawl”
  1. Margaret Polglaze
    Margaret Polglaze

    This will be a fun challenge! I am glad you chose a yarn that is available to me locally. Thanks so much. Margaret Polglaze

  2. Susan

    Can you at least let us know the yarn weight and needle size so that we can have our material assembled. Many people will need to order yarn online and this delays the start of their shawl.

  3. Paceda

    When I click on the class navigation link it just goes to the top of the current page.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Paceda,

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    • P

      The link above appears to download the pattern to your computer without announcing it or explaining. If I am reading the blurb above correctly, the class itself will be unlocking at the rate of one lesson per week, with links to each week’s class being emailed to any premium members who have downloaded the pattern. (I presume this is what they will be doing; there is no start date given in any of the material I have seen, and no place to explicitly sign up as the class does not appear when I “Browse” the knitting classes.)