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Salena Baca
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Salena begins class by going over the different types of crochet hooks as well as other key tools you'll need to get started.
Get a better understanding of yarn as Salena covers some important essentials including yarn weights, fibers and colors, plus tips on choosing the best beginner-friendly yarns.
Once you understand the basics of hooks and yarn, start using them together as you learn to hold your hook and make a slip knot. From there, practice stitching chains, one of the most fundamental crochet stitches and your foundation for things to come!
Now, start building on your chains with the single crochet stitch. Salena shows you how to work into the chain, turn your row and examine the fabric to help you gain an understanding of the swatch you're working.
Next up, the half double crochet stitch! Similar to the single crochet, work this slightly longer stitch together into a starting chain, then turn the row.
Ready to tackle your next stitch? Building on the stitches from previous lessons, work a practice swatch to learn about placement and get familiar with the fabric you're creating.
Salena guides you through the last foundation stitch, and tallest one yet: the triple crochet. Work a sample swatch to learn about placement and get familiar with the fabric you're creating.
After you've practiced the basic stitches, learn how to follow directions. In this lesson, take an in-depth look at a written pattern so you can make sense of what you're reading.
Now that you know the basic stitches and how to read a pattern, start your first project: a cute headband! Salena shares a few new techniques, such as how to crochet through just one loop and seam your ends with a crochet hook.
Once you know how to work a project in rows, crochet in the round as you learn to work open tubes and flat circles.
Put your round crochet skills to the test as you work your second project, a beautiful cowl! Salena shares a new stitch pattern as you work through the project, step by step.
Practice the center-out round method to create your third project, a cute bulky hat that's worked from the top down. Start with a magic circle and work increases to shape your hat. Then see how to change colors to finish it off.
Start your fourth and final project, a cluster scarf, as you learn to work a complex specialty stitch, the cluster stitch. Afterwards, Salena shows you how to make color changes in rows and read more complex patterns, including a crochet diagram, to complete your scarf.
13 Lessons
4  hrs 38  mins

Want to learn how to crochet but you’re not sure where to start? This is the class for you! Join designer Salena Baca as she walks you through the basics, including the five essential crochet stitches, pattern reading and more. Together, you’ll complete four cozy accessories — a headband, cowl, hat and scarf. With Salena’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to crochet your own projects with confidence!

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Salena Baca

Salena Baca has been hooked on crochet for more than 25 years, and began designing in 2009. Salena is also the founder of several crochet organizations, including the Design Wars Challenge, The Pattern Pack and the American Crochet Association.

Salena Baca

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