Weaving Class

Learn more about the fiber you love, and how to put it to use making charming cloth.

Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques

Stephanie Flynn Sokolov


Enliven your weaving with bold techniques and impressive texture! Watch one lesson or enjoy them all as you add more than 50 textures to your weaving repertoire. See more

Swatching for spinning by Silhouette169
Polwarth "Slow" Socks by nancyelizabeth
Rambouillet swatch by thereluctantknitter

Know Your Wool

Deborah Robson


Know Your Wool

Deborah Robson

Get the wool truth! This free mini-class with Deborah Robson gives you a nuanced understanding of different fibers and the best use for each type of wool.

Loom Weaving Classes

Put your loom to use creating one-of-a-kind fabric! With expert instruction, you'll prepare your loom, weave, and finish your cloth with confidence.

Houndstooth Scarf by L Jensen
Weft float by aprilquil613879
2nd Brook's Bouquet (Dish Towel) by L Jensen

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics

Deborah Jarchow

Tired of the same old back and forth? Pick up new skills with weaver Deborah Jarchow, sample a variety of techniques and create a stunning table runner. See more

Matching 1/3 twill blanket by Janet Dawson
Rocking chair by Janet Dawson
Rep weave fabric by Janet Dawson

Floor Loom Weaving

Janet Dawson


Floor Loom Weaving

Janet Dawson

Learn to weave on a loom for the first time or get your skills up to warp speed with Janet Dawson in Floor Loom Weaving. See more

Weaving Projects

See the fantastic fabric that your classmates have created. Plus, share you own wonderful woven creations so your classmates can be inspired!

Log Cabin Runner 2 --34"

by jollyjeanne@yahoo.com

snuggly Plaid shawl

by Barbara62

Houndstooth Scarf

by L Jensen