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Portraits With an On-Camera Speedlight

Neil van Niekerk



Use light to bring your portraits to life! Harness available light and learn advanced on-camera flash techniques with Neil van Niekerk.

Student Projects from this class

Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait

by Neil van Niekerk

Outdoor Portrait

Outdoor Portrait

by Neil van Niekerk

Backlit Portrait

Backlit Portrait

by Neil van Niekerk

Landscape by Alan Thornton
Indoor Portraits by Alan Thornton
Golden Hour in Golden, CO by Clint Milner

The Essentials for Understanding Light

Alan Thornton

Learn basic lighting principles to confidently photograph any subject, anywhere!

Metering for Correct Exposure by Neil van Niekerk
Off Camera Flash Photography by Pixels
Day Dreamer by Jerald

Off-Camera Flash Photography

Neil van Niekerk


Off-Camera Flash Photography

Neil van Niekerk

Put your subjects in their best light no matter what the setting by taking your speedlight off-camera and creating fantastic portraits with Neil van Niekerk’s expert flash techniques.

Find the inspiration you need for your next shoot by exploring other students' captivating photos. Plus share your own-- from grand landscapes to endearing portraits, and more.


by thomas.bo2399166


by john_mead2163870

The Big Cat Benji

by roncam13671689


by Stacey Meanwell

First Indoor flower Photo

by Joseph Choi

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