Button Jointed Horse

from picklesticks

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JoGard on craftsy.com
JoGard  July 11, 2014 0:12 AM
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I believed there should have been more instruction about the mane piece. e.g. width and length of fabric needed and how to insert it. I angled the piece up each end. The instructions for adding the different coloured piece for the feet and mouth section were confusing. I cut the piece from the main pattern and used these for cutting out the fabric and then joined them. I am still unsure about the instructions for the legs. I definitely had to use my knowledge of sewing to create the horse. I liked the concept of the simple horse but feel the instructions need attention.

A Making Life on craftsy.com
A Making Life  July 17, 2014 11:53 PM
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Thanks for the feedback JoGard. I am sorry the instructions were confusing. If you still need some help with a specific part of the horse please feel free to email me at apicklestick@gmail.com.

Button Jointed Horse Pattern