Trifold Crochet Case

from 2strings

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Shoestring on
Shoestring  December 5, 2013 0:12 PM
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Beautiful case. I could use this for my color pencils. I love the color combination. Looks like springtime to me--green grass and blue skies. (wish).

2strings on
2strings  December 13, 2013 6:25 AM
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Thanks, Shoestring! The case would work for colored pencils. One f my friends wants to elongate the pattern and use it for her knitting needles. Hope you're doing well in the winter snow and cold. I'm getting too old for winter. Shall we move someplace warm near a lovely beach? We can buy two houses next to each other and join them with a huge walk through craft studio.

Trifold Crochet Case Pattern