"One Trip Up" Stair Basket-Cozy Nest

from Cozy Nest Design

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KristieLynM on craftsy.com
KristieLynM  July 6, 2014 8:54 AM
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Made this as a gift for my mother - and she loved it. That being said, if you have never worked with plastic canvas before, as well as sharp 90 degree angles, take it SLOW. Cursed and swore my way through part of this, however that being said I normally make childrens clothing so this was well out of my element. However, once it was done, to the untrained eye the blemishes were invisible, and she simply adored it. Great functional piece, just take it nice and slow if home decor items aren't your forte!

cozynestdesign on craftsy.com
cozynestdesign  July 11, 2014 3:54 AM
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So glad you got through it (cursing and all!). Those angles are tricky but I'm glad you conquered them and that your Mom is enjoying it! I am doing a sew-along next week if you want to make another...

"One Trip Up" Stair Basket-Cozy Nest Pattern