Meghan Peasant for Women

from Sis Boom Pattern Company

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msswain on
msswain  August 14, 2014 2:18 AM
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Really well described, really great pattern! I love it!

My only comment would be that as a plus size lady (especially 3x), I preferred an a-line skirt. That was easy enough to add in.

Will definitely be buying more patterns from Sis Boom!

prostitch on
prostitch  July 30, 2014 8:11 PM
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I LOVE this pattern! It was SO very fun to make in just an afternoon! The fit was amazing, as well! I will be making another one soon!

Manby76 on
Manby76  May 28, 2014 3:28 AM
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This pattern is FANTASTIC! My finished item looks great - and is actually the best fitting item I have ever made! Therefore I shall be making many more of these tops!! And because it fits so well - I have purchased some more of your patterns!!

cpritzlaf3600263 on
cpritzlaf3600263  April 14, 2014 7:22 PM
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I am interested in purchasing this pattern for my granddaughter. However, she has never worked with a downloaded pattern and neither have I other than small handbags and small projects. I am wondering how this works for something as large as a dress and if it is an easy task to use a downloaded pattern. Please send me some details on using this download pattern.

prostitch on
prostitch  July 30, 2014 8:09 PM
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HI! I had not ever used a downloaded pattern either, until THIS one. It is actually really neat! You print out all the pieces and instructions first. Then cut out the pieces for your size and it shows you how to attach the pieces correctly. It was actually quite easy!

Meghan Peasant for Women Pattern