Coat: Your Size Sewing Pattern 4179

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diane01ap3828388 on
diane01ap3828388  July 27, 2014 5:11 PM
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Hi - Just wanted to mention for beginning sewers that fabric stores will help you lay out the pattern on the fabric you choose, and they will help you with figuring the length (amount) of fabric you need. If they're super busy, set up a separate time (when they have more counter space to use and can spend more time with you). I have had fabric store sales clerks do this many times through the years if there was any question about the quantity of fabric to buy (at their store). It's part of their customer service. Not only that, each time they always helped me buy the absolute minimum I needed (but yet have "a little room to play with" maybe 1/8 yd. Sometimes I asked them to add on an extra quarter yard). In 30+ years of sewing, I have never had one salesperson sell me more fabric than I needed, nor undersell me either. It was always "spot on". Bottom line, work with Lekala Sewing Patterns to get the right measurements, but she certainly should not be required to spend her time figuring out how much fabric you need. It's not the focus of her business (even though she was nice enough to offer to help after your purchase). ....Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth here. (P.S. The majority of these pattern styles are absolutely my tastes! As soon as I am able to (or rather 'have the time to sew again'), I'm buying quite a few of these to beef up my Fall wardrobe! So, please Lekala, don't discontinue any of these....ok? Thx!)

Coat: Your Size Sewing Pattern 4179 Pattern