Just My Type Uppercase Alphabet

from Quiet Play

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MomsFun on craftsy.com
MomsFun  April 9, 2013 7:44 PM
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Great idea!

Capi Sewcloudy on craftsy.com
Capi Sewcloudy  April 2, 2013 10:04 PM
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These letters have great detail and shape! I'm glad Redeemedsheep remembered where she found them...she led me here.

Redeemedsheep on craftsy.com
Redeemedsheep  February 28, 2013 6:34 AM
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These are fantastic and easy to make. There are so many ways to use them. =) As soon as I know my new grandchild's name, I will be using these letters in the quilt I want to make him or her. =)

Just My Type Uppercase Alphabet Pattern