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drsw3983898 on
drsw3983898  May 26, 2014 3:40 PM
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I printed the pictures of the pieces, but there are no dimensions given. What size is this quilt? I have never paper pieced before, so I am uncertain about how to cut the pieces (I understand that they overlap) and in what dimensions. Thanks.

Liljabs on
Liljabs  May 30, 2014 5:12 AM
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This is only a quilt block. And it is 5".
I recommend visiting the link at the end of my comment for a tutorial on paper piecing
Good luck and happy sewing

quiltbible on
quiltbible  May 20, 2013 8:33 PM
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Thanks for the graduation block. I have 2 graduates this year. This will make a perfect gift.'

Graduation Pattern