Wonky Winter Tree

from Trillium Design

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RosemarieW on craftsy.com
RosemarieW  December 28, 2013 7:42 PM
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I sent you an email on this two weeks ago, but have not heard back, so thought I would post my comment here.
I just purchased the Wonky Winter Tree Pattern on Craftsy, and I am quite disappointed in the quality of this pattern:
- the pages are not numbered, so it is very difficult to determine the order and also to see which pages belong to the small or large block
- you have unnecessarily spread pieces across two pages, when you could easily have put them on a single page. Now I have to make my templates myself.
- the labels on each piece are very small, and sometimes not clear
All in all, this is not a quality pattern, and not up to the standards of Craftsy.
I like some of your other designs, but will likely not purchase the patterns.
Thanks and regards, Rosemarie

Wonky Winter Tree Pattern