Ice Cream Sundae Mug Rug

from The Patchsmith

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hotdot73133711 on
hotdot73133711  August 4, 2013 0:40 AM
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Would you please consider making your mug rug patterns in the hoop designs. It makes each and everyone a person makes turn out perfect especially the binding. Pleaseeeeee!!!!!

Lisa Gardner on
Lisa Gardner  July 25, 2013 6:55 AM
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Amanda, they are beautiful as always!!

The Patchsmith on
The Patchsmith  July 26, 2013 2:24 AM
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I actually have the turquoise version on my work desk at the moment. It is a lovely pattern to mix-and-match scraps of fabric.

2strings on
2strings  May 19, 2013 10:54 AM
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Omigosh! Is this one new? How adorable!

The Patchsmith on
The Patchsmith  May 19, 2013 11:23 AM
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Thank you 2strings. I really enjoyed making these - I have made three in total and plan to make many more to give to friends.

margotpb767888 on
margotpb767888  July 25, 2013 9:03 AM
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They are beautiful!Thanks!

Ice Cream Sundae Mug Rug Pattern