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Esther ipatchandquilt on
Esther ipatchandquilt  July 18, 2014 0:11 AM
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Hello Cindy
Yes, it is a paper piecing pattern. That means that you are sewing (most probably) onto a piece of paper. Each new piece of fabric is laid onto a previous piece and sewn through the paper on a line from the pattern.
If you have never used this technique before, here are two good videos to understand how this works.
The Chugging Along pattern is not very hard, just a bit fiddly with the wheels. The wheels are made up off several small pieces. My estimate is that the difficulty of the Chugging Along pattern is about 3 out of 5. That is mostly because of the wheels, they take time!
If you would like more information or you would like to see some more pictures, please contact me through email.
Have a wonderful day!

csbr912 on
csbr912  July 12, 2014 10:31 AM
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Is the Chugging along pattern a paper-pieced item? My grandson is in love with trains but I'm not sure how this goes together.... is it appliqud? It's adorable, either way. I would appreciate a bit more information on how you put it together.... thank you so much. Cindy B

Chugging Along - Print & Play Pattern