Happy Feet 36-42 size Shoe & VIDEO

from Lidija Miklavcic

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racadoo on craftsy.com
racadoo  September 26, 2013 9:32 AM
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Is there any way I can widen this pattern slightly? Its a bit snug in the middle...

Tutorial GIrl on craftsy.com
Tutorial GIrl  September 27, 2013 2:27 AM
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Yes, you can. One option is to cut on the black instep vamp piece from toe to the center of the vamp and tape a few mm of paper inside. So you will have wider shoe. If you need to have super wide shoe, do this in small steps in a few places. But you will know the best where you need to put more material. I did use really wide wooden last for this, but we have different feets so it's impossible to be correct for everybody. You could see my shoe last
on this link, just if you need more pictures.
Just remember to resize the pattern in small steps on few points if you need a lot wider shoe.
Hope it's helpful a little, it is hard to explain.

Tutorial GIrl on craftsy.com
Tutorial GIrl  September 24, 2013 0:29 AM
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Enjoy, and have a nice day, Lidija

Kirstyn Elaine on craftsy.com
Kirstyn Elaine  August 24, 2013 0:53 AM
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Ok... you're making me want to make shoes now. LOVE LOVE LOVE... beautiful design!

Tutorial GIrl on craftsy.com
Tutorial GIrl  August 30, 2013 0:40 AM
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Thank you, and yes, it is fun, fun, fun to do.

Happy Feet 36-42 size Shoe & VIDEO Pattern