Top Down Garter Stitch Baby Jacket

from Nancy Elizabeth Designs

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I like your name and such a cute pattern! However, I have never seen a stitch to row ratio that is suggested in the pattern - 18 stitches to 34 rows for 4 inches. That is a lot of rows. Most of the yarn I have that is 16 stitch gauge is worsted or chunky weight. Just thought I'd check.


nancyelizabeth on
nancyelizabeth  April 4, 2014 6:06 PM
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Hi Nancy, this is because of the garter stitch which is usually about 2/1 rows to stitches on average. In other words when you knit in garter stitch your gauge is usually about twice the number of row as stitches per unit of measure.
Your yarn may be a little bit thicker than what I used but the important thing is the gauge swatch. Do a swatch and see how you like the feel of the fabric and what you get for gauge. Let me know if you have any questions along the way as I would be happy to help out if I am able to.

Top Down Garter Stitch Baby Jacket Pattern