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Knitting pattern Babies Shoes Sock

from Natalija Puschkina
(6) Name: 'Knitting : Knitting pattern Babies Shoes Sock
Knitting pattern Babies Shoes Sock

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gilmorej3 on
gilmorej3    November 2, 2014
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I've been knitting for many years and find this pattern very confusing. Missing information and the use of terms that are not standard knitting terms. This has been made more difficult than it should be. If I hadn't seen the pictures at the end it would have made no sense at all.

Sue Powley on
Sue Powley    July 25, 2014
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36 pages is a lot. I cancelled print half way as my ink is running low. But I do intend on trying it out with the lap top on instead. x

gladyswei3530363 on
gladyswei3530363    April 8, 2014
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I ran out of ink by the time I printed off the pattern surely it could go on less than 36 pages not happy with that

sheilaols1812963 on
sheilaols1812963    March 2, 2014
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This pattern is completely unable to follow. I'm asking for a refund or credit

Merjm1185173 on
Merjm1185173    October 2, 2013
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I am an expert knitter - a good thing when using this pattern as the pattern maker did not bother to include either needle size or type of needle required. While experienced knitters will have no problem deducing these issues, they may be very confusing for the less experienced Craftsy should review the patterns they place for sale on their site more carefully to screen for these problems.

LaVeda Wilson on
LaVeda Wilson    July 19, 2013
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I'm still waiting for simpler instructions

kspotty on
kspotty    July 13, 2013
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I just bought this pattern and now am reading the reviews. It's SUCH a cute pattern, I am hoping to be able to piece all the comments together and make a pair or two (since the first will be a test apparently).

EchoLin161286296 on
EchoLin161286296    April 26, 2013
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so cute, love it.

Trevortni on
Trevortni    April 22, 2013
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The instructions for making the bootlace are completely nonsensical. Either list spinning as a required skill, or give adequate instructions for how in the world you managed to spin the yarn together and get them to stay. (And did you spin two strands together as you say in the instructions, or four, like it appears in the pictures?)

Of course, if anybody else managed to figure it out, I'm all ears! If I don't hear anything by the time I finish the second bootie, I'm just going to crochet the laces.

Jaquelyn on
Jaquelyn  June 14, 2013
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I think you may need to take a length of yarn and fasten one end to a door handle. Then twist it so the ply doesn't come undone and keep on twisting until it folds up on itself in the middle. (Another pair of hands is useful to hold the middle.)
Then take this double plyed strand and do the same again with it. This will give you a 4 ply cord that doesn't unravel.
I hope this helps.
I was just about to buy this then I saw the post about double ended needles and I don't know how to use these. :-(

Trevortni on
Trevortni  June 24, 2013
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Thank you! I had already found a local craft store that was able to show me how to do it, but thanks for your help.

This was actually my first project using double sided needles, and once I was able to get through the poor explanation in the pattern, it turned out to not be too bad. All you do is knit from the same end and work your way around from one needle to the next. Just try to use real double-pointed needles; they're a lot easier to work with than cabled needles or shoving everything on and off a stitch holder. (No, I totally didn't try both of those myself before I bit the bullet and bought doubles, why do you ask?)

Anyway, if you buy this and run into any troubles, I can help you out with any questions you might have. It just might be a few weeks before I notice your post if you do have questions. :(

judyvh772888 on
judyvh772888    April 20, 2013
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The information did not give the type of needle or the needle size.
If I had know that dp needles were needed I would not have purchased this pattern. I also found the wording very difficult to follow. After struggling along to the place where stitches were moved to different needles...I was lost and gave up. I do not think this should be rated a difficulty of 2 and the information provided should include the needle requirements before a person decides to purchase the pattern,

Brenda Parks-Daley on
Brenda Parks-Daley    April 12, 2013
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I am an experienced knitter and find this pattern very hard to read. Really wish I had seen all the comments before purchasing it. Not sure that I will bother trying to knit it

Trevortni on
Trevortni  April 13, 2013
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It does eventually make sense if you work through it. I think I've resolved just about all of the kinks on the first one, and I think the second one will be a bit smoother, as I seem to have grasped the construction underlying the project. I might be able to answer any specific questions if you have any, since the author seems to have abandoned us.

Trevortni on
Trevortni    April 3, 2013
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It's hard to tell which words in the pattern are superfluous, so I'm going to try translating the second row: is it

Edge stitch (drop), Purl, M1, Purl 13 (17,21), Purl, M1, Purl (Total = 19 (23,27))


I'm not sure if you are counting the (dropped) Edge stitches or the M1's in your total count, can you please help?

Also, I would also like to know what weight (size, not amount) of yarn you used, as this critical information does not yet appear to be given anywhere in the pattern, description, or comments. The amount of the yarn is nice to know for planning purposes, but does nothing to help me determine if I have the right yarn; and the composition is completely irrelevant and I will be ignoring it.

Trevortni on
Trevortni  April 6, 2013
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Now that I've played around with the pattern, it looks like it should actually be

Edge stitch (drop), Purl, M1, Purl 13 (17,21), **M1, Purl 2** (Total = 19 (23,27))

However, now I'm having trouble with building up from the sole. I just spotted where the pattern changed which needles were designated 1, 2, 3, 4 (I'm actually using circular needles, I guess we'll see if that will work with the pattern when I get a little farther), but I'm uncertain from the pictures whether I'm supposed to somehow include the last stitch from the sole in the pickup, or attach a fresh yarn.

KristisTeaRoom on
KristisTeaRoom    April 3, 2013
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So I see I need a US needle size 4 or 5 (UK 9-8) but the yarn I am unsure of. Is this fingering yarn, worsted, chunky??

Janice Michniewicz on
Janice Michniewicz    April 3, 2013
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Same problem as below, What size needles and what weight wool

briony.co1351510 on
briony.co1351510    March 26, 2013
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Dear Natalija Lovely Booties but I need a translation to British! Can't understand the instructions at all. I have double knitting wool so should I use it twice and size 8/9 (UK) needles seem huge? Thank you

joanarche1179183 on
joanarche1179183    March 10, 2013
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Ive looked at this pattern severaltimes and I just can not follow it. I am an experience knitter. It is not written out as a normal pattern can anyone help

dickerdoodle on
dickerdoodle  March 13, 2013
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I'm having the same problem :(

I'd also like to know the guage

apedraza on
apedraza    October 27, 2013
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I found this free pattern for basically the same thing. Hopefully it helps!

Nurse nerd on
Nurse nerd    January 23, 2013
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What kind of yarn do you need for these booties?

Nurse nerd on
Nurse nerd  January 23, 2013
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actually to clarify question what weight yarn do you need for this bootie?

Natalija on
Natalija  January 31, 2013
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wool type
75 % virgin wool
25 % polyamide
1,75 oz - 230 yds

needle size
USA : 4-5
UK: 9-8

LaVeda Wilson on
LaVeda Wilson  July 11, 2013
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The booties are so cute.I knitt a lot,but I don, under stand any of this do you mean to cast on instead of pick up?and are using two needles I would like some better

HAJIRA    December 13, 2012
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HAJIRA    Last response: December 11, 2012
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