Lady Butterfly Baby Hat

from ViTalina Craft

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Merty on
Merty  August 13, 2014 0:19 PM
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Love your patterns! Just wondering if the butterfly is appliqud on as a separate piece of knitting. Going to use a super wash sock yarn to make or would it be best in a DK weight . I live in Canada:) thanks so much

Tanya Matsiuk on
Tanya Matsiuk  August 15, 2014 2:26 AM
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Thank you for your comment and interest to my project.
The body of the butterfly is knitted as a part of hat and the butterfly's wings are knitted separately and then attached to the hat. The pattern contains step by step decoration instructions. I think super wash 4 ply sock yarn and DK yarn are fine for this project but remember to check your gauge.

Lady Butterfly Baby Hat Pattern