50% Sale Awareness Ribbon Wire Pendant

from MyWiredImagination

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BobbiWired on craftsy.com
BobbiWired  October 31, 2012 2:39 PM
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Now if you've read some of my other tutorials, or even just the yucky legal stuff at the end of this one, you know that I ask that the pieces you make not be mass-produced. For this particular design, considering what it represents, I understand that some may want to make quite a few of these; either to help make funds for a particular cause or a 'thank you' gift for supporting one. I still ask that you don't make a gazillion of them, and most definitely ask that you credit where you learned the design, but I have no objections if someone wanted to make a lot of them. I also ask that if you get someone to help make them, that each person purchase their own copy of the tutorial. I still don't allow sharing of a tutorial, since this is how I make a living, and sharing isn't fair to me. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

50% Sale Awareness Ribbon Wire Pendant Pattern