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I discovered beads by chance and I have no more left them!
I love to shape my creativity: it's amazing discovering how an idea can materialize from a heap of beads, seed beads, stones..

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Beading Pattern 'Kate Wheel' earrings

from Mei_Bijoux Beading Patterns
(5) Name: 'Jewelry : Beading Pattern 'Kate Wheel' earrings
Beading Pattern 'Kate Wheel' earrings

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Empress on craftsy.com
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Empress    April 16, 2015
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How do I translate to Eng?

fdittrich975440 on craftsy.com
fdittrich975440  April 16, 2015
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Here is what Google Translate produced. I make no guarantees on this. I only edited it for space.

1. Thread Superduo 10 (A) on the wire, close to the circle and go over several times in the thread work (Fig.1);

2. Insert a Swarovski pearl in the center of the work between two hooking superduo diametrically opposite and move into the upper hole of a superduo as in figure (Fig.2);

3. Working in peyote among superduo with roc 11/0 (C) and hanging out with the wire from the first roc Supplied (Fig.3);

4. Working in peyote with 11/0 roc (C) between the roc 11/0 entered in step 3 forming
in correspondence of the tips of superduo. Hanging out with the wire by a roc 11/0
a central tip (Fig.4);

5. Insert 1 bugle, 1 roc 15/0 and back again in the bugle in 2 roc 11/0 inserted in step 4 and the roc 11/0 entered in step 3. Go with the wire in the hole the lower of the two immediately following superduo and back into the hole higher than last superduo until you leave the roc 11/0 central tip as in step 4. Repeat this step until a 10 bugles entire circumference and return to the starting roc 11/0 (Figure 5);

6. Enter between roc 15/0 end of bugles superduo 4 (B) alternating with roc 15/0 until the completion of the tour. Completed the round, go with the wire in the hole top of the first superduo inserted (Fig.6);

7. Working in payote between superduo inserting 1 roc 15/0, 11/0 roc 1 (D), 1 bicone Swarovski 4mm, 1 roc 11/0 (D) and 1 roc 15/0 in each space between the bugles. At a double cone, create a loop with 7 roc 15/0 and brush up thread in the work to stiffen the whole and stop the wire (Fig. 7).

Flo Hendry on craftsy.com
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Flo Hendry    March 3, 2015
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Thank you. Hopefully I can follow the illustrated diagrams since I forgot all the French I learned in school. Merci

johnsonju0 on craftsy.com
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johnsonju0    June 10, 2014
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How do I download this pattern?

Flo Hendry on craftsy.com
Flo Hendry  March 3, 2015
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