Spring in Alberta, Bracelet

from Abigail's Bead Design

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Abigail Engelking Design on craftsy.com
Abigail Engelking Design  July 11, 2014 6:56 AM
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Hi there

To answer your question about step 3. You are creating a loop on both sides of the 6mm beads. To do that you have to stitch back through the 2-6mm beads you just added, coming out the bi cone. I said from left to right, to show direction of the thread path. You need to repeat step 3 to have 2 loops on each side of 6mm beads.
Once you compleat the first 2 loops only add 1 -6mm bead each time, but you still need to stitch through 2-6mm beads each time to make sure your loops are evenly spaced.

I hope this helps

ks0830524223740 on craftsy.com
ks0830524223740  July 7, 2014 2:15 PM
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I'm trying to start this bracelet, but don't understand how to go from left to right through the pearl and bicone. Also, in step 2 you add the pearl and 6 mm bicone. In step 3 you add 4 seed beads, 4 mm bicone and 4 more seed beads. Then you stitch back into the pearl and 6 mm bicoe from left to right. Then repeat step 3. Can you explain this better? Thank you. email me at ks083052@yahoo.com

Spring in Alberta, Bracelet Pattern