Minnie Mouse Security Blanket

from Vanessa Ramirez

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caroleeilane on craftsy.com
caroleeilane  September 12, 2014 7:25 AM
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I CANNOT DOWNLOAD THIS PATT. Can you please help.!!!!!


onlybygod on craftsy.com
onlybygod  January 4, 2014 0:08 PM
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I have a couple of questions about your directions but I don't see a way to contact you. Please email me at onlybygod@ymail.com. Thank you.

onlybygod on craftsy.com
onlybygod  January 4, 2014 0:16 PM
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Rnd 1: Ch 3, 2dc in Center * CH 2, 3 DC in the chain loop.....question is: center of what, what chain loop? Am I suppose to chain so many and than join to make a loop to start?

Ears: Magic Ring, ch 1, 10 hdc in ring. Ls st with top of first hdc..... question is: what is Ls st?
or do you mean sl st?

Minnie Mouse Security Blanket Pattern