Shortie Sweater

from Holland Designs

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Heather Gochoel on
Heather Gochoel  August 23, 2014 9:48 PM
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OMG! This is absolutely darling! I'll be getting this pattern to make for my little girl for sure!

mgrube on
mgrube  January 8, 2013 5:26 PM
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I really like that this is not just vertical or horizontal stitches and avoids all the extra fabric around the neck--which is a particular problem for babies and small children. I think the shape that results from your motif would also provide great shaping for a little cape (minus sleeves, of course).

susanlmaddock on
susanlmaddock  June 3, 2012 6:15 PM
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I just received the pattern, Can't wait to complete it. I will post it when finished. <3

Shortie Sweater Pattern