Woodland Owl Bag

from Laura Bozeman Designs

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charjagoe727084 on craftsy.com
charjagoe727084  October 17, 2012 0:10 PM
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I am in the process of making this bag... but I don't understand your instructions on which way the bag is put together. My finished size for the bag actually measured 16 1/2 X 11. According to your picture, the bag is folded with the width on the horizontal, so I folded my finished inside bag in half. It now measures apprx 8 1/4 X 11. I used the I crochet needle because I tend to crochet very loose and this gave it a tighter weave so things don't fall out. It looks a lot skinnier than your picture model. What am I doing wrong?

Woodland Owl Bag Pattern