Owl Hat

from Stitchfixer

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nicnoc on craftsy.com
nicnoc  September 23, 2013 1:01 PM
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I really want to do this but I don't quite understand the pattern. I assume i'm not kinitting in the round, so do I make to of the hat pattern and stitch them together. and when it comes to the ears it begins by saying - fold ears in half? I don't know if i'm just tired or a bit inexperienced but I cant work it out. any help would be really appreciated. thankyou

nicnoc on craftsy.com
nicnoc  September 23, 2013 1:02 PM
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that should read *two of the hat pattern"

Stitchfixer on craftsy.com
Stitchfixer  September 28, 2013 11:19 AM
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The hat is crocheted in the round. You start out making a chain of 14. Then you dc in each chain. When you get to the last chain, you work 3 dc rather than one. That will turn your work and put you on the bottom of your foundation. Continue working on the bottom of the foundation chain until you are back at the beginning. The last chain again will have 3 dc placed in it and then you will join with the first dc.
As far as the ear flaps go, the pattern should say too fold the hat in half. This helps you find the center of the side of the hat so the your ear flaps are opposite each other and at the side. How this helps. Let me know if you need more clarification.

Oilpaintings Club on craftsy.com
Oilpaintings Club  June 21, 2013 9:34 PM
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it is so lovely , i love it ................................... fine art

Owl Hat Pattern