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Different Styles of Shimpaku by Colin Lewis
Juniper rock planting by Colin Lewis
Bonsai Larch Grove by Colin Lewis

Bonsai Design Techniques

Colin Lewis


Advance your bonsai skills! Join bonsai artist Colin Lewis, and transform your tree — from subtle shaping to dramatic character changes.

Art & Foliage Design by Karen  Chapman
Enchanting Garden Path by Karen  Chapman
Tea House Focal Point by Karen  Chapman

Gorgeous Garden Design

Karen Chapman


Gorgeous Garden Design

Karen Chapman

Create a refined garden oasis with strategically placed focal points and an array of fabulous foliage you’ll enjoy year-round! See more

Free Gardening Class

Transform Your Garden Design

Rebecca Sweet



Breathe new life into your garden design with harmonious color, texture and form! Enjoy this FREE mini-class packed with fresh perspective ... See more

Student Projects from this class

Considering Garden Designs

Considering Garden Designs

by Rebecca Sweet

Designing via Photos

Designing via Photos

by Rebecca Sweet

Gardening Projects

Delve into an exciting world of unique accents created by Craftsy members. Get ideas for customizing your home- whether inside or out.


by catherine


by Carolyn Smith


by Mary Faulkner


by Littleone


by SandiT


by Chipper

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