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Woodturning Essentials

The Segmented Vessel

with Jim Rodgers
Woodturning Essentials
Learn the multistep process of segmented turning as you create an exquisite vessel and add this impressive skill to your woodturning repertoire.

Advance your woodturning skills and learn how to design and construct a stunning segmented vessel. Join professional woodturner and woodturning instructor Jim Rodgers as he reviews basic steps in vessel construction, explains turning lingo and more. Discover three methods for cutting and find out how to build and calibrate a cutting sled. Then, get tips on cutting and gluing your segments with ease. Find out how to flatten your rings, assemble your vessel on faceplates and center your rings on the lathe. Jim will demonstrate how to turn the exterior to a planned shape and the interior to a uniform thickness. Finally, you’ll get tips on gluing your halves together, parting off the top of your vessel and sanding and sealing your vessel for stunning results.

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Lesson 1. Introduction to Segmented Turning

  • Meet your instructor, expert woodturner Jim Rodgers, and see how beautiful and creative segmented woodturning can be. Follow along as Jim teaches you the planning and math required to create these precise, artful pieces. Learn how to calculate each segment size to make a piece of any dimension as you create a detailed cut list.


Lesson 2. Building the Cutting Sled

  • Now that you have your cut list, Jim offers tips for making sure your pieces are exact. Heíll advise you on tool choice, and demonstrate proper technique so that you get precise cuts every time, whether with a chop saw or a table saw. Learn to build a custom cutting sled that you can calibrate to create perfectly identical segments.


Lesson 3. Cutting & Gluing the Segments

  • Cut your pieces and organize them using Jimís simple numbering system. Find out where to sand and then assemble each set of segments into a ring. Discover different methods for gluing your rings to make sure theyíre secure and round.


Lesson 4. Building the Vessel

  • Itís time to start building your vessel. Flatten the rings so that they are level using a thickness sander or sanding disc. Then, learn how to prepare your faceplates as you assemble and glue the rings together in two sections. See how to center your rings perfectly on your lathe.


Lesson 5. Turning the Vessel

  • Mount your vessel and make your first cuts. Jim will show you the three most important shaping tools in his tool belt and share invaluable tips for getting the most out of each one. Once youíve mounted your two sections together to create a single block, youíll shape the exterior. Then, open up each half and hollow it out. Learn how to make sure your wall thickness remains uniform between the pieces and pick up expert tips for gluing the two halves together.


Lesson 6. Completing the Vessel

  • Gather tips for refining the vessel shape, removing excess glue and getting a satin-smooth finish as Jim takes you step by step through the final details. Learn the proper technique for parting off the neck and reducing the base. See how to sand and seal your vessel while itís still on the lathe.


Lesson 7. Final Steps & What's Next

  • Make your final cut as you part off your base before adding the final coat of finish. Then, Jim shows you some of the amazing and intricate designs you can make using the same techniques! Learn how quickly chevron and Greek-key patterns come together. Finally, take a tour of Jimís workshop as he details how to use each to tool to maximum effectiveness.

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