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White Chocolate Wrap: Undersea Adventure

with Paul Bradford
White Chocolate Wrap: Undersea Adventure
Discover a decadent British classic, the chocolate wrap cake. Create an unbelievable undersea version that's sure to make a splash with event throwers and partygoers.

Join renowned sugar artist and instructor Paul Bradford to learn innovative decorating techniques through an undersea cake adventure, no snorkel required! First, get confident stacking, supporting and carving super-tall cake designs. Then, cover your cake in a smooth layer of sumptuous ganache and wrap it in pieces of textured modeling chocolate for an under-the-sea aesthetic. Move on to techniques for making realistic white-chocolate coral and sugarpaste sea-floor gravel. Bring everything together with sweet decorations such as seashells, starfish, sea urchins and tropical fish. Plus, receive Paul's expert tips for finishing, transporting and pricing your cakes. Astonish wave after wave of dessert seekers with amazing undersea cakes!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Getting Started

  • Meet your world-renowned instructor, Paul Bradford, as he previews this amazing cake and the materials youíll need to build it. Then jump right in and start building this chocolate wrap cake.


Lesson 2. Creating the Cone Shape

  • Get your cake ready for its white chocolate wrap as you carve and then crumb coat your dense chocolate cakes in thick and creamy ganache.


Lesson 3. White Chocolate Wrap

  • Wrap your cake in white chocolate waves as you shape, texture, ruffle and luster modeling chocolate. Learn how to speed through this daunting task by breaking it down into its smaller steps.


Lesson 4. Chocolate Coral & Fondant Gravel

  • Discover Paulís ingenious way of making white chocolate coral, then make glistening fondant sand to scatter on the floor of your undersea creation.


Lesson 5. Molded Decorations

  • Use silicone molds to create starfish and shells and then watch as Paul demonstrates how to use a small airbrush to add eye-catching color.


Lesson 6. Gum Paste Sea Urchins

  • Your sugar flower education dives off the deep end as you learn to make exotic sea urchins with flowing tentacles in fiery colors.


Lesson 7. Chocolate Fish

  • Make three different species of fish by hand, then learn how to paint a vibrant tropical fish with an airbrush and add color to an adorable clown fish by hand.


Lesson 8. Assembly

  • Itís time to complete your adventure as you learn the best practices for attaching items large and small ó coral, shells and fish ó to your cake. Paul leads a discussion on design and where to place your colorful decorations on the cake to maximize their impact. Finally, Paul shares what he would charge for this cake and how you can calculate your own price.

"I was so excited when I got the email announcement that there was a new class ó I dashed home and sat here, rapt, watching this wonderful class. Now I'm dying to have a reason to make a giant cake for people so that I can wrap it in chocolate and create a masterpiece! Paul is funny and a great teacher! I'm so glad that I purchased this class ó you will be, too!"
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Toronto, Canada

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