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Wee Ones

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Wee Ones
Susan’s Wee Ones — elephant, hippo and bunny — are so cute, you'll want to keep them for yourself! You’ll be able to knit dozens using the same basic pattern, which was designed exclusively for Craftsy!

Knit along with Susan B. Anderson as she shows you how to use double-pointed needles to shape three different heads: a baby elephant, an adorable bunny and a winsome hippo. Then pick up stitches to create the rest of the toy, using the same body for all three Wee Ones. Add arms and legs, perky ears and tails and an embroidered face and your Wee Ones are ready to give, or keep for yourself! Along the way, you'll learn to master the wrap and turn technique to make short rows, create afterthought features, work top down and finish with the Kitchener stitch — all great skills for future projects! Sign up today and get a bonus itty-bitty striped sweater lesson. These sweet little animals will become your go-to knitted gift!


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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Susan B. Anderson, who designed this adorable Wee Ones knit toy pattern exclusively for Craftsy as she highlights all of the techniques you’ll cover in this class.


Lesson 2. Getting Started

  • Susan tells you about her favorite yarn and explains what tools and supplies you'll need to knit your toys.


Lesson 3. Elephant Head

  • Cast on to your double-pointed needles and use simple increases to create the elephant's head. You'll work in the round and learn how to do the wrap and turn method of short-row shaping to make the trunk.


Lesson 4. Elephant Ears

  • Your elephant needs big, floppy ears. Learn to pick up stitches from the head, knitting in the round on two double-pointed needles, and finishing with the handy Kitchener stitch to create an invisible graft at the top of the ear.


Lesson 5. Bunny and Hippo Heads

  • Your bunny will have a sweet, round head, while you'll work increases and decreases to make the hippo's big pink snout. Stuff and finish off and you're ready to start the body.


Lesson 6. Upper Body

  • Here we work on the elephant's upper body in gray, but you'll use the same pattern and techniques to create all three Wee Ones. It's like a top-down sweater, with shoulder and yoke shaping and scrap yarn placed to mark the spot where stitches will be picked up to add the arms.


Lesson 7. Lower Body

  • As you work on the lower body of your Wee Ones knit toy, you'll learn the "afterthought" technique of knitting a piece of scrap yarn into your work to create an opening later. It's also used to make socks, mittens and other projects.


Lesson 8. Adding Arms

  • Learn how to pick up the armhole stitches you left on scrap yarn and knit front legs for your Wee Ones. This top-down knitting technique also will come in handy to add sleeves to a top-down sweater or other knitting pattern.


Lesson 9. Afterthought Legs

  • To add the legs, you'll place two double-pointed needles on either side of the scrap yarn, then pick out the scrap to open the hole. A few rounds of knitting and your Wee One is almost complete!


Lesson 10. Tails and Faces

  • Each Wee One knit toy gets its own unique tail and an embroidered face. You'll give the elephant an I-cord tail, make a pompom for the bunny tail and knit a tiny tail for the hippo. Then add a face with a few stitches of embroidery and your Wee Ones are done!


Lesson 11. Bonus: Wee Ones Stripey Top

  • Add pizzazz to your knitted elephant, hippo and bunny by making them colorful sweaters! You'll love how quickly these tops knit up from just a few yards of scrap yarn.

“This is a wonderful class. Susan is such a good teacher! Having the video instruction is like having a good friend, who is an excellent knitter, to help you through your project. It's great to be able to return to the sections that you need to watch more than once. The class is also packed with great new skill work.”
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