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Watercolor Flower Bouquet

with Mary Murphy
Watercolor Flower Bouquet
Paint a vibrant floral still life with essential skills that will transfer to every watercolor work you create!

Perfectly capture the beauty of delicate petals, bold blossoms and dramatic light with radiant watercolors! Explore color theory with fun exercises in mixing hues to convey mood, and create a monochromatic study to hone your skills in depicting lifelike value and depth. Discover compositional strategies for a scene that engages your viewer, and begin painting with fluid transparent washes. Use wet-on-wet blending to build layers of jewel-toned petals, and apply the drybrush technique for detail and texture in your bouquet. Plus, learn the surprisingly simple ways to correct any problems, and how to crop and frame your work for the best result.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Mary Murphy, and learn more about watercolor and some of the techniques covered in your class.


Lesson 2. Watercolor Techniques

  • Watercolors interact in a variety of ways, depending on how you apply them. Murphy demonstrates how to practice the wet-in-wet, drybrush and blossoms techniques and become familiar with the watercolor medium.


Lesson 3. Value: Scaling Lights & Darks

  • Learn how to scale the lights and darks in your work as you paint a monochromatic value study.


Lesson 4. Color

  • Murphy takes you on a tour around the color wheel and shows how neutral, adjacent and complementary colors will work together in your painting.


Lesson 5. Composition

  • Plan your painting by identifying the masses and shapes in your composition. Murphy helps broaden your awareness of how those masses fall within the painting, adding focus and movement, and drawing the viewer in.


Lesson 6. Preparing to Paint

  • Murphy explains how to transfer a drawing to your watercolor paper and lay down a preliminary wash of color to define shadows and light.


Lesson 7. Developing Your Painting

  • Your bouquet will begin to take shape as you build up layers of color with a wet-in-wet technique that creates the illusion of depth. Learn how to fix small mistakes and add background color.


Lesson 8. Finishing Techniques

  • When is a painting truly finished? Murphy shares some strategies for looking at your work, fine-tuning it and modifying or fixing the parts you're not satisfied with.

"I have taken several Craftsy classes and this is by far my favorite. Mary is an excellent teacher. I have struggled for so long to paint something that didn't look like a kid's art project, and finally I have. I learned so much. Highly recommended."
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