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Water Views: Acrylic Landscapes

with Bennett Vadnais
Water Views: Acrylic Landscapes
Paint lovely lakeside scenes! Join artist Bennett Vadnais and capture the movement and energy of water with acrylic paint.
Explore the versatility of acrylic paint as you bring water scenes to life. Mix and apply colors to create harmonious depth in your composition, and learn how to accurately recreate the serene shades of sky and water. Use value to give flat-looking foliage volume and dimension, and discover expert shortcuts for creating natural textures like grass and bark. Paint realistic wave patterns and surface reflections to create compelling, dynamic water scenes.
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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Bennett Vadnais, and learn about his approach to landscape painting.


Lesson 2. Composing & Transferring Images

  • Consider and edit the elements of a reference photograph and learn how to transfer rough outlines to your painting surface. Choose a photo of your own to work from or follow along with Vadnais' composition. A copy is included in your class materials.


Lesson 3. Creating an Underpainting

  • Arrange your palette and lay the foundation of your painting with a light wash of colors.


Lesson 4. Working With Color

  • Learn more about how colors work together, where they fall on the warm-to-cool spectrum and how to vary their intensity. Vadnais demonstrates some color-mixing strategies. A copy of the color wheel is included for your reference.


Lesson 5. Adding Planes & Color

  • Break your landscape down into distinct planes to better understand how light affects tones and colors, then determine a strategy for adding color to your work.


Lesson 6. Refining the Foreground

  • Refine the elements of your painting as Vadnais shows how to avoid some common mistakes when adding details such as trees and grass.


Lesson 7. Refining the Water & Hills

  • Painting water can be a challenge! Discover several strategies for making your work more fluid and avoiding common pitfalls. You'll also learn more about atmospheric perspective and how it affects colors and values.


Lesson 8. Finishing Touches

  • Finish your painting with an isolation coat to add depth and vibrancy, then touch up any problem areas with a light glaze of color. Voila! You have completed a beautiful and original work of art.

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