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Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods

with Colette Peters
Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods
Adorn your cakes with brush-embroidery flowers, golden filigree and cameo embellishments with cake artist Colette Peters.

Add antique appeal to your fondant! Adorned with colorful peonies and lilies of the valley and gilded cages, your cakes will evoke a bygone era. Colette Peters' innovative brush embroidery techniques make petals and leaves look stitched, whether they're applied directly onto the cake or added on as three-dimensional gum-paste embellishments. You'll turn royal icing into a gilded, filigree cake cage to surround your masterpiece for a major wow! effect. And if you love Victorian cameo jewelry, you'll be charmed by Colette's antiqued and edible accoutrements.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, Colette Peters, and learn more about the class.


Lesson 2. Brush Embroidery

  • Colette will show you how to use piping and a paintbrush to create beautiful flowers that look hand-embroidered.


Lesson 3. Coloring Brush Embroidery

  • See how to apply petal dust and work with edible markers to bring your creations to life.


Lesson 4. Building a Flower Topper

  • Assemble a stunning, three-dimensional peony from petals made of gum paste.


Lesson 5. Middle-Tier Peony

  • Learn to use a rubber stamp to emboss your fondant, then add petals and leaves that have also been brush-embroidered. Your flower will go from two dimension to three for an amazing effect.


Lesson 6. The Cage Cake

  • Wow your clients: Surround your creation with gilded filigree! Patience and a steady hand really pay off in this lesson.


Lesson 7. Assembling the Cage Cake

  • Colette will show you how to build your cake tiers with dowels and foam boards before surrounding your creation with the show-stopping golden cage.


Lesson 8. The Antique Cake

  • Create a cake with elegant Victorian damask patterns, using stripes and sponge painting. Colette will show you how!


Lesson 9. Embellishments

  • You can add interest to your cake with teardrops, curlicues, pearls and piping. Evoke the charm of cameo jewelry for a nostalgic and elegant look.


Lesson 10. Antiquing Your Cake

  • Colette shares tips on antiquing your cake and offers some final thoughts on vintage cake creations.

"I love this class. So many techniques and creativity. The directions are detailed and easy to understand. I would very much recommend this class to decorators looking to raise their skill level. Thank you, Colette Peters, for all the instructions. Working on my first cake cage, so being able to go back and watch the class section I need is outstanding."
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