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Vegetable Gardening: Smart Techniques for Plentiful Results

with Doug Green
Vegetable Gardening: Smart Techniques for Plentiful Results
Learn expert techniques to become the wisest gardener on your block and grow better, stronger, healthier veggies that your whole family will love!

Master techniques for developing soil, compost, pest control and more, and grow your most abundant vegetable crop yet! Join gardening expert and author Doug Green as he provides you with step-by-step instruction for building cost-effective raised beds, growing strong seedlings and properly hardening them off for plants that will thrive in your garden. Learn about the best way to give your plants nutrition and prepare your soil with organic matter and mulch to provide your seedlings with a healthy home. You’ll even discover the key to fast-growing vegetables and find out how to make your very own mini-greenhouse from only two materials! Plus, learn about the importance of crop rotation for great results year after year, and complete your new body of knowledge with helpful watering strategies and pest control that’s safe to use on veggies!


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Lesson 1. Raised Bed Gardening

  • Join acclaimed garden author Doug Green in his idyllic Amherst Island, Ontario, home for an inspiring introduction to vegetable gardening. Start with the basics of raised-bed gardening, including planning and construction tips that will result in effective and ergonomic finished beds.


Lesson 2. From Seeds to Seedlings

  • Follow a plant’s journey from seed to seedlings as you learn professional tips for starting a successful crop. Doug walks you through the best ways to start your seeds, with considerations for lighting, temperature and creating an ideal starter environment using budget-friendly items. You’ll gain professional tips on planting schedules and watering techniques as you discover the best ways to help your seeds thrive.


Lesson 3. Composting

  • Composting can be an intimidating subject, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. Doug explains the most important aspects of composting and provides you with the tools for creating the ideal carbon-to-nitrogen ratios at home. You’ll learn how to use everyday items such as food waste, grass and leaves to create a nutrient-rich compost that will transform your crops into a bountiful harvest.


Lesson 4. Garden Preparations

  • Learn Doug’s best secrets for preparing healthy and diverse garden beds. You’ll learn how to distinguish between scientifically sound practices and “old wives' tales” as Doug walks you through the ideal soil compositions for your garden, various techniques for adding organic matter to help plants grow and adding mulch or straw. You’ll also learn troubleshooting tips for safe and comfortable digging as Doug demonstrates ways to pamper your veggies with aerated soil.


Lesson 5. Warming the Soil

  • Defy weather’s unpredictable surprises by controlling the temperature of your soil, and be the first among your neighbors to enjoy a delicious home-grown tomato. Doug shares a variety of methods for warming the soil and protecting your plants from shock, using simple tools such as plastic and fabric cloth, mulch and plastic pipes.


Lesson 6. Planting Techniques

  • Your garden is prepped, your seedlings are healthy and you’re ready to tuck your plants into their new beds! Doug walks you through the most important techniques for anticipating weather conditions, hardening off and planting your seedlings. Along the way, you’ll learn how to plan your garden, rotate your crops, and distract pests with trap crops to ensure that your bounty makes it to your dinner table.


Lesson 7. Watering & Pest Control

  • Pests are one of the biggest challenges for any gardener, but Doug’s balanced approach will help you wage war or accept peaceful terms with the tiny veggie eaters in your garden. You’ll learn how to deduce which pests are at play and incorporate chemical treatments and protective surfaces, in addition to learning the most effective and efficient watering techniques.

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