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Torch-Fired Precious Metal Clay

with Jenny Vestal
Torch-Fired Precious Metal Clay
Create one-of-a-kind jewelry that’s uniquely you! Use stunning precious metal clay to make affordable silver pendants, earrings, buttons and more!

Suddenly, it’s simple to make heirloom jewelry that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. Precious metal clay and a small kitchen torch will open the door to endless creative possibilities. You’ll enjoy how easy and affordable it is to create striking pendants, earrings and more with innovative clay that fuses into solid metal when fired. Jewelry designer and certified instructor Jenny Vestal will show you how to shape and texture the clay, then fire it with a small butane torch (such as you would use to make crème brûlée) to provide a polished finished product. If you can make dessert, you can make stylish silver jewelry and adornments as well!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Jenny Vestal and learn how to create beautiful silver jewelry and findings from an easy-to-use clay compound.


Lesson 2. Handling Precious Metal Clay

  • Jenny shows you how to measure and cut your clay and how to make sure you can use every precious bit of it. There's no waste with this versatile material.


Lesson 3. Handling Your Torch

  • Jenny explains the different kinds of torches you might use, how to use them and the safety precautions you should take.


Lesson 4. Adding Texture

  • Learn how to create a textured piece, fire it, then polish and burnish.


Lesson 5. Multi-Layer Pieces

  • You can make silver jewelry or buttons with multiple layers by using strategic firing. Jenny shows you how!


Lesson 6. Molding Your Clay

  • Learn how to create a mold of an interesting object, then re-create it in silver. Add a bail to make a button, pendant or earring.


Lesson 7. Texturing Greenware

  • Add texture before you fire your clay by using a needle tool and other implements. Jenny also shows you how to finish your piece to accentuate that texture.


Lesson 8. Creating Snakes

  • Long, thin rolls of clay can be formed into letters of the alphabet or whimsical shapes for pendants, earrings and other adornments. Jenny explains how to make, fire and finish these clay "snakes."


Lesson 9. Hammering Your Silver

  • Once your piece is fired, you can add more texture by hammering. Depending on the tool you use, you can achieve a variety of textures and looks.


Lesson 10. Repairing Mistakes

  • Whoops! Did you mess up? No worries! Jenny will show you how to smooth a cracked surface, repair a button, add a shank or revamp a botched piece. With refiring and refinishing, your piece will be as good as new.


Lesson 11. Inspired by Nature

  • A leaf, a seashell, an acorn ... all could become inspiration and the starting point for unique jewelry and buttons. Jenny also shows you how to preserve your unused clay so you can get the most out of it.


Lesson 12. Giving Your Pieces a Patina

  • Old silver jewelry owes its beauty to the rich patina that forms in the nooks and crannies, making the polished surfaces look more lustrous. Jenny shows how to achieve a similar look in the pieces you make.

"Jenny's class is wonderful for the beginner, like me, who has never used PMC before. Lots of good information on tools and techniques. I decided to watch all the videos first before even starting and I now have a much better idea where the pitfalls and intricacies are concerning the clay itself, how to mold, and how to repair mistakes. I am more of a pendant creator and enamelist so I was glad to know that I can enamel my pieces afterward if I want. I am eager to get started creating pieces and am glad that I can always watch the videos again and ask as many questions as I need to."
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