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Thread Savvy: Stitch Flawlessly With Any Thread

with Lindee Goodall
Thread Savvy:  Stitch Flawlessly With Any Thread
Discover everything you need to know to achieve professional machine embroidery results with any thread!

Find out how to create a successful recipe for flawless embroidery results, no matter what you’re stitching! Embroidery expert Lindee Goodall demystifies thread weight, stitch density and needle choices so you can easily select the right ingredients for any project. Learn the secrets to speciality thread success as Lindee reveals essential guidelines for working with polyester, rayon, cotton, metallic and more. Troubleshoot thread nests and bulky embroidery with a lesson on changing the density of any design and eliminate "bulletproof" embroidery for good. Plus, discover the radiant range of available threads and how you can use them to create stripes, texture and sheen without any extra steps!

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Lesson 1. Introduction to Specialty Threads

  • Meet embroidery author and instructor Lindee Goodall as you gain an overview of decorative threads. You’ll learn about thread weights and tensions, density charts that you can use as references for future projects, and ways to pair your threads with the best needles for the job.


Lesson 2. Polyester Thread

  • Learn about polyester threads as Lindee shares examples of various types and helps you determine suitable projects for each. You’ll learn how polyester threads behave on different fabrics before picking up valuable tips on thread durability and tension issues.


Lesson 3. Rayon & Cotton

  • Gain valuable insight into working with rayon and cotton threads. Lindee covers ways to use these threads individually and together, discussing color choices and thread care considerations for each. You’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of rayon and cotton threads, and view samples that show off the best qualities of both types.


Lesson 4. Metallics

  • Add some flair to your projects with the use of metallic threads. Lindee shows you how to dress up any design using threads that sparkle or shine and shares valuable troubleshooting ideas along the way. You’ll learn how to prevent kinks when threading your machine and how to adjust the tension to avoid breaking these fragile filaments.


Lesson 5. Glow-in-the-Dark & Solar Threads

  • Have some fun with novelty glow-in-the-dark and color-changing threads. Lindee covers various uses, care and sewing considerations for designs that can glow brightly in a dark room or change colors in direct sunlight or shade. You’ll love trying these threads for holiday projects, wedding accessories, children’s apparel and more.


Lesson 6. Uncommon Specialty Threads

  • Discover more uses for uncommon threads, including wool, holographic and flat film. Achieve a crewel embroidery look with wool-acrylic blends, and learn important tips for running thicker threads through your machine. Then explore ways to use colorful films in moderation, with Lindee’s expert tips on preventing breakage and heat damage.


Lesson 7. The Bobbin

  • Bobbins are critical to stitch formation, but they can be challenging to understand and manipulate. Lindee walks you through various bobbin thread types and ways to prevent unwanted bulk and stiffness by choosing ideal bobbin and top-thread pairs. You’ll learn how to pair colors, change tension, manage thread tails and much more with Lindee’s help along the way.


Lesson 8. Adjusting Density

  • Take your designs to the computer (or machine) as you adjust density using Lindee’s step-by-step instructions. Lindee demonstrates ways to prevent overly stiff embroidery, shows how to expand the space that needs to be filled and discusses other density considerations.

"Wonderful information packed course on machine embroidery threads! Lindee offers the solution to metallic, holo-shimmer and bobbin-work threads for machine embroidery. An excellent resource."
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