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Thread Art

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Thread Art
Color and texture dominate this art quilting class. Learn stitches and shading to make colors and patterns pop in your collage or portrait quilts.

Combine your love of color, cloth and design in this adventurous class for quilters who want to command a rainbow of hues on their fabric palette. Lola Jenkins' quilt collages and fearless approach to design will inspire you, while her creative techniques will help you apply color and stitches to make your images pop. Fun-loving, make-no-rules Lola will teach you her seven-step process to stitching vivid, textured images, including her signature stitch, "Lola's Wiggle."

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Lola Jenkins, who will teach you how to turn images into richly colored and textured art quilts.


Lesson 2. Materials

  • Learn about materials with Lola's detailed discussion of fabric colors, pens, tracing paper, sewing machines and more.


Lesson 3. Choosing a Photo

  • Lola, a true artist's quilter, offers guidance on how to choose a copyright-free photo to use in your quilting.


Lesson 4. Line Drawing

  • Explore line drawing with Lola. Learn her tricks of the art-quilting trade and get detailed instruction along the way.


Lesson 5. Design

  • Learn best practices when it comes to cropping, shapes and other design elements. You'll have the scope of your quilt's image narrowed down in no time.


Lesson 6. Transferring Your Design

  • Transfer your design with Lola's help!


Lesson 7. Quilt Sandwich

  • Learn to fuse the interfacing and get started sewing. You'll finish off your quilt sandwich with Lola's easy-to-follow instruction.


Lesson 8. Stitch Out

  • Explore hatching and cross-hatching with Lola. She also demonstrates her famous Lola's Wiggle!


Lesson 9. Color: Part 1

  • Add color to the eyes of your portrait with Lola's helpful hints. You'll also learn how to correct and add shade before building folds and even more color.


Lesson 10. Color: Part 2

  • Finish the eyes and move onto the lips, face and hat. Color will bring your image alive as you quilt along with Lola.


Lesson 11. Gallery

  • Take a tour through Lola's gallery. You'll be impressed by the diverse images and be inspired by all of thread art's possibilities.

"This project was engrossing, fun, clearly instructed, and relatively easy to replicate. I love what I made! Thanks Lola for giving me a new way to express my creativity. I love art, but I could never draw very well. I also love sewing. This combines them both so well, I can't imagine not doing this all the time."
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