The Secrets to Perfect Stenciling

with Alan Tetreault

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Use innovative stenciling techniques to create vibrant cake art with confidence. Customize stenciled designs with over-piping, hand-painting, lace and more! Read More…

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Class Description

Join internationally-renowned instructor Alan Tetreault to create impressive stenciled patterns on fondant- or buttercream-covered cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Through four cake projects, you'll learn to stencil vivid designs and enhance them with a variety of beautiful embellishment techniques. Add depth and alluring accents to your patterns with accessible hand-painting techniques. Over-pipe your stenciled designs for greater dimension. Bring fashion-forward flair to your cakes with new lace techniques in Sugar Dress. Personalize your creations with monograms. And bring it all together with sugar flower and paisley focal points. Alan also will teach you amazing techniques for using stencils, Sugar Dress and hand painting on cookies and cupcakes.

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The Secrets to Perfect Stenciling
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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet your instructor, cake artist Alan Tetreault, as he previews the six projects you’ll explore in this class.


Lesson 2. Over-Piped Princess Cake

  • Get started stenciling as Alan imparts his techniques for creating hands-free stencils, perfect-consistency icing and evenly applied designs that wrap around the entire cake. Embellish your designs with over-piping and luster dust.


Lesson 3. Camilla Rose Cake

  • Learn the art of underpainting to add dimension and depth as you dust the fondant before you stencil onto a square cake. Add a monogram and mask off parts of the stencil you wish to omit from your design.


Lesson 4. Paisley Celebration Cake

  • Add drama to your designs as Alan demonstrates how to paint stenciled designs with luster dust, stencil onto a cake board and create a free-standing decoration that echoes the main motif.


Lesson 5. Sugar Dress Lace Cake

  • Discover Sugar Dress, which makes pliable, strong lace that can be made months ahead of time to add a modern twist on delicate lacework. Alan offers detailed instruction on how to make it as well as creative ideas for incorporating it in your designs.


Lesson 6. Stenciling on Buttercream

  • Not a fan of fondant? No worries! Alan shows you how to stencil on crusting buttercream and even includes the recipe.


Lesson 7. Cupcakes & Cookies

  • Scale down your designs as Alan shows you how to use all of the techniques to make stunning and coordinating cupcakes and cookies.

"Alan demonstrates the versatility of using stencils, and enhances the beauty of the stencilling by adding colour and over-piping. I learned a great deal from his expertise, which I will apply to my cake decorating designs. "
- Marie Jeannette

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Student Projects

Princess Cake by Alan Tetreault
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  • by Alan Tetreault
  • Princess Cake
Paisley Cake by Alan Tetreault
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  • by Alan Tetreault
  • Paisley Cake
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  • by abmears2785200
  • Anthony and Bill
Cookies & Cupcakes by Alan Tetreault
  • Photo of Alan Tetreault
  • by Alan Tetreault
  • Cookies & Cupcakes

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