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The Oil Painter's Handbook

with Tony Curanaj
The Oil Painter's Handbook
From composition and value to color mixing and oil paint application, get the step-by-step guidance you need to create an oil painting with photo-like realism!

Discover your one-stop resource for oil painting success! Renowned artist Tony Curanaj demystifies the entire painting process, starting with critical considerations of composition. Use the golden mean, rule of thirds and rule of odds to make organically eye-catching still lifes that never look staged. Then, easily block in a sketch with Tony’s tricks for accuracy and alignment. Discover two transfer methods, and develop tonal structure with “wipe out” and ébauche underpaintings. Build a lifelike, radiant still life as you explore volume, form and color with Tony’s expert tips. Learn how to use scumbling, glazing and brush pressure to apply beautiful layers of paint and  realistically replicate matte, glossy and transparent textures. Unlock the techniques to create a captivating still life you’re proud to show off! 

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. From 3-D to 2-D

  • Meet your instructor, artist Tony Curanaj, and dive into the first steps of your oil painting as you consider composition choices and begin to draw.


Lesson 2. Transferring & Underpainting

  • Learn two valuable transferring techniques, utilizing oil or graphite, to transfer your drawing. Then paint along as Curanaj demonstrates various underpainting methods.


Lesson 3. Establishing Value

  • Working with value is an art in and of itself, and Curanaj helps you identify, mix, blend and paint every value you'll need for a successful and accurate painting.


Lesson 4. Developing Color

  • Learn how to work with the complexities of hue, chroma and value as Curanaj walks you through each step of creating a successful color study.


Lesson 5. First Pass

  • Using the still life in class, you'll combine your newly acquired skills as you paint a wide variety of hues, values, and various matte, glossy and highly reflective surfaces.


Lesson 6. Further Development

  • Push your skills even further as you explore ways to paint challenging objects such as glass, textured spheres and more.


Lesson 7. Finishing

  • Discover more ways to bring your oil paints to life as Curanaj explains finishing techniques such a scumbling, drybrush and glazing to give your finished work deeper complexity.

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