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The Essential Guide to Lightroom

with Skott Chandler
The Essential Guide to Lightroom
Learn how to make the most of your Lightroom software, and take control of your digital workflow!

Adobe Lightroom expert Skott Chandler guides you through essential software skills to streamline your digital workflow and create your best images yet. Learn how to use Lightroom to import files from various sources, and quickly catalog hundreds of images for easy access. Find out how to use the Library module to efficiently sort, rank and group your images, and delve into the Develop module to instantly apply adjustments to multiple photos. Dramatically improve the quality of your shots with customized presets for modifying white balance, contrast, sharpness and color. Plus, get Skott’s easy-to-use tips for locating lost files, backing up your photos and using metadata to leave your digital fingerprint on your images.

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Lesson 1. Introduction & Catalogs

  • Meet your instructor, photographer and Lightroom expert Skott Chandler. You’ll kick off the class with an overview of Lightroom and the benefits it provides to photographers of just about every experience level. Next, you’ll gain an understanding of file types and the ways you will work with each as you go from field work to your digital darkroom.


Lesson 2. Optimizing Settings

  • Learn how to take more control of your work with settings that are optimized for the best possible outcome. Discover ways to achieve the optimal image resolution to avoid loss of critical information, and create a Lightroom catalog that is personalized to your files and personal workflow preferences.


Lesson 3. Importing Files & Metadata

  • Explore myriad options to make the importing process as efficient as possible! Whether you are importing a small or enormous batch of images, Skott’s tips will help you effectively set up your Lightroom preferences to import, handle, sort and identify your work the way you want.


Lesson 4. Library Tab Module

  • What are the differences among Lightroom’s catalog, collection and folders? Find out the answer to this and much more as Skott shares tips and troubleshooting techniques for navigating the Library Tab module. You’ll also learn how to apply metadata to your files in order to quickly find and safeguard your photos.


Lesson 5. Post-Import Management

  • Delve even deeper into data organization as you work with post-import processes such as sorting, finding lost files and rating your favorite (or least favorite) images. Skott shares tips that will help transform your post-import work experience from arduous to effortless!


Lesson 6. Develop Tab Module

  • Carry your work from the Library module into the Develop module with Skott’s help along the way. Learn how to quickly edit your files using filters, presets and more, comparing your raw images to your edited images side by side as you go. You’ll love having the confidence to boldly experiment with your edits, knowing that it's easy to revert to earlier versions.


Lesson 7. Histograms, White Balance & Basic Tab

  • Master some of the most helpful (and important) basic adjustments as Skott shares techniques for using histograms, white balance modifications and more. You’ll gain deeper insight into ways to adjust exposure, contrast, color and sharpness with the fail-safe option to reset or compare your edited work with the original version.


Lesson 8. Export Options

  • Learn how the exporting process can become another valuable tool in your post processing work. Discover the best practices for naming, organizing and exporting your photos, and learn about a wide variety of options for leaving your digital fingerprint on your work.

"This is an awesome class. I am brand new to Lightroom and have found this class very informative.The instructor is knowledgeable and his teaching approach is extremely easy to understand and follow. If you are a first timer with Lightroom, you definitely need this class!"
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Houston, Texas

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