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The Art of Cloth Dyeing

with Jane Dunnewold
The Art of Cloth Dyeing
Whether you seek to create your own fabric, give new life to old items or just play with colors, The Art of Cloth Dyeing is the class for you.

Join fiber artist Jane Dunnewold for a detailed and joyous exploration of color. You'll learn how to use fiber-reactive dyes and chemicals safely and effectively. You'll explore beginning and advanced resist methods, discover the secret to fast and easy washout, and salvage mistakes. Jane explains how dye bonds to different fabrics and how to create multicolored effects and patterns without muddying your colors. Achieve seductively rich colors that don't fade or run, whether you're creating the perfect fabric for a project or revamping thrift-store finds. 


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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Meet Jane Dunnewold and find out why cloth dyeing is both thrifty and rewarding.


Lesson 2. Working With Dyes

  • Jane teaches the principles of color mixing and chemistry of fiber-reactive dyes. You'll learn how to mix and test your dyes and which components are non-negotiable.


Lesson 3. All About Fabric

  • Make the most out of your fabrics by learning how different natural fibers react to dyes and absorb color.


Lesson 4. Supplies

  • Learn about what you need to safely dye fabric at home and prepare for an easy clean up.


Lesson 5. Basic Fabric Manipulations

  • You'll learn a series of easy fabric manipulation techniques: pleating, folding, rubber bands and so on.


Lesson 6. Mixing Dyes

  • Learn the correct proportions of dye, water, soda ash and salt. You'll never waste dye or time after mastering these techniques.


Lesson 7. Color Contact

  • Learn about batching, the science of calculating how much time to allow for dyes to fully react and be absorbed into the fabric.


Lesson 8. The Washout

  • Jane shares the secret for fast and easy washout. Open up your bundles and see what your dye job created!


Lesson 9. Advanced Fabric Manipulations

  • Explore trickier fabric manipulations or resist techniques, including wood shapes, plexiglass pipe and bubble wrap. Jane shows some tricks for working with larger pieces.


Lesson 10. Themes & Variations

  • We'll play with dye in this lesson: stacking color, pouring color, and the challenges of upcycling materials of unknown fiber content.


Lesson 11. Overdyeing

  • Learn how overdyeing works, the concept of saturation in fabric dyeing, and how to evaluate whether an extra dye bath will work and how to choose colors and techniques.


Lesson 12. Using Your Dyeing Skills

  • Explore lots of ways to use your new dye skills on new and existing garments, home decor, repurposed clothing, appropriated materials and many other cool things.

"So informative and enjoyable. I learned so much even though I have done dyeing courses in the past. I have always 'glazed over' when it came to understanding the chemistry but Jane explained everything so well and the section on overdyeing has answered a lot of my previous questions on how colours react. Can't wait to get started and will post pictures as soon as I have some dyed pieces. Thank you so much for such a fabulous class."
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