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The Art of Airbrushing

with Lisa Berczel
The Art of Airbrushing
Acquire colorful, professional-level cake decorating skills with the help of renowned airbrush artist Lisa Berczel.

Whether you want to add a single perfectly gilded rose or paint an entire three-tiered cake in shimmering lace, Lisa will help you gain confidence and mastery over the airbrush, a complex tool with numerous cake applications. Learn the importance of choosing the right equipment for the job before diving into spraying simple lines, dots, daggers and gradients. Then work your way up as you explore color usage and mediums like luster dust and cocoa butter while applying advanced techniques for airbrushing a cake.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Airbrushing as Culinary Art

  • Meet your instructor, Lisa Berczel, and learn about how to transform the surface of a cake into a work of art.


Lesson 2. Air Sources, Hoses & Accessories

  • Lisa leads an in-depth discussion on the different components that make your airbrush work: pumps and compressors, sprayers, safety equipment and other accessories.


Lesson 3. General Spraying Techniques

  • Learn about using and mixing color, developing control and how to create lines, spatters, solids and gradients.


Lesson 4. Targeted Airbrush Applications

  • Master using a stencil to create beautiful, multicolor designs and learn how to make your own stencils out of found objects, lace and other fabrics. Learn how to paint onto isomalt to create a gilded rose.


Lesson 5. Large Airbrush Applications

  • Learn to apply smooth, custom color to entire tiers as Lisa demonstrates techniques to make solid-colored, ombré and candy-striped cakes. Then discover airbrushing with cocoa butter.


Lesson 6. Layering Traditional Techniques

  • Use cocoa butter to paint accents and learn how to incorporate molds and stamps into your airbrushed designs.


Lesson 7. Managing Airbrush Equipment

  • Learn how to maintain your equipment as Lisa demonstrates how to change paint colors and how to clean your airbrush.


Lesson 8. Troubleshooting Common Problems

  • Lisa troubleshoots some of the most common problems: Color density, blurry designs, fading and more.


Lesson 9. Common Equipment Problems

  • Don’t let equipment problems get you down. Lisa will show you how to work through needle and cap issues, how to diagnose spray problems and fix your equipment so you can get back on track.

"I love Lisa's work and her detail and clarity as a teacher. I understand so much more watching and listening to Lisa than I have in a couple of years of trying to learn things on YouTube. I've experienced so many of the issues that were in this class and I am so thankful to have had Lisa explain them all away!”
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Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

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