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Sweater Surgery

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Sweater Surgery

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My favourite teacher

Highly recommend this class to all knitters of any skill level.
Carol Feller is an excellent teacher, well spoken (speaks with a lovely Irish accent), clever, pleasant to look at. She might be making some mistakes in a process of explaining and performing different techniques, but who doesn't? We are not machines. I'm enjoying her classes a lot and am planning to purchase all of them eventually. And Carol, thank you very much for a wonderful free class, which should not be called ...

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rated 5 stars

Perfect Help

This is my preferred first aid, when I have to redo unfitted garment :-).

rated 5 stars

Encouragement to jump in

Experienced knitters might have heard of the concept before, but even we could use a bit of a kick to actually go and do it. Seeing someone else fix up a lemon is great encouragement to drag out a problem project and make it better. Carol gives you the info you need and reassures you that success is possible.

rated 5 stars

Wonderful and Informative!

This is my second class with Carol. What a great instructor! The more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn!! Isn't it great to be a knitter and have all the wonderful resources we have today. Craftsy is just the best.

rated 5 stars

A must have class for anyone interested in knitting sweaters

As with Carol's other Craftsy classes, this class is simply exceptional. I have knit about four sweaters to date and plan on knitting many more in the future, so when I saw this new class, I immediately enrolled and just finished watching all of the lessons. This class provides invaluable tips and suggestions on how to not only fix sweaters, but also how to avoid making mistakes in the first place. There are also excellent lessons on steeking and provisional cast ons - two skills that are ...

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