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Studio Portrait Lighting

with Kirk Tuck
Studio Portrait Lighting
Let photographer Kirk Tuck show you the equipment, setup and lighting techniques you’ll need to create alluring, professional-quality studio portraits.

Kirk shows you how to apply studio lighting fundamentals and photography techniques that will turn average head shots into captivating portraits. Learn professional lighting design techniques and how to direct your subject to capture the exact look you’re aiming for. Compare incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting, and maximize your soft box and umbrella use to get the most out of a single light.

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Foundations of Portrait Lighting

  • Kirk discusses camera and lens choices and explains the elements of a good photo.


Lesson 2. Properties of Light

  • Observe the differences between hard and soft light and different color temperatures. Learn to set a custom white balance with your camera.


Lesson 3. Portrait Lighting Design

  • Kirk presents and arranges studio lights, including the main, fill, background and accent lights.


Lesson 4. Lighting Equipment

  • Learn the effects of different types of lights, such as flash and incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting.


Lesson 5. Using Light Modifiers

  • Kirk displays multiple light modifiers, including soft boxes, umbrellas and scrims and demonstrates the effects of each.


Lesson 6. Studio Layout & Equipment

  • Kirk goes over optimal studio dimensions and environment in addition to essential studio equipment beyond lighting gear.


Lesson 7. Lighting Styles

  • Compare short and broad lighting, as well as high- and low-key lighting styles.


Lesson 8. Popular Portraits

  • Kirk demonstrates how to take successful senior and business portraits and how to take a more artistic approach to your portraits.

"The class was extremely informative and answered many questions I had trying to put together a studio. Mr Tuck simplified what used to seem so complex and did so in a relaxed style that was so easy to understand. I highly recommend this course."
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